Sanitizer Dispenser

This range of Sanitizer Dispensers can be availed with foot pedal operated and sensor controlled design choices. Sensor based version of these products are fully automatic and these ensure hands free non contact based operation. The user needs to keep hands under the nozzle so that sanitizing solution directly dispenses on the hands. This specific version of dispenser has battery backup function to maintain consistency of operation during power failure. Foot pedal based variant of these Sanitizer Dispensers also support non-contact based sanitization technique. The user needs to push its foot pedal so that the sanitizing solution can dispensed into the hands. 
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Coronil Sensor Operated Sanitizer Dispenser

  • Condition:New
  • Product Type:Sanitizer dispenser
  • Material:Plastic
  • Usage:Sanitization
  • Delivery Time:7-10 Days

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