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Insect Traps

Fruit Fly Trap
42 INR/Box
1 Number
Palm Trap
105 INR/Piece
12 Number
Sticky Sheet
20 INR/Number
500 Number
Water Trap
60 INR/Piece
15 Number
Funnel Trap
16 INR/Piece
60 Number
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About Us

Harmony Ecotech Pvt. Ltd., has a portfolio of Health, Hygiene and Crop Health Care products catering to customers in Indian as well as export markets. The regular portfolio of products contains a range of non-polluting, non-chemical agri-inputs and Corona-care products marketed under the brand names Active IPM, Crop Tonics, Crop Care, Store Safe and Coronil.

In view of the COVID-19 pandemic spreading all over the world, Harmony has recently launched a range of Corona-care products namely, Sanitizer Dispenser, Hand Sanitizer, etc.

Harmonys single point agenda is to Create Customer Delight be it through a wide range of products, quality, utility, efficacy and performance of the products, competitive price, top class pre and post sales service, on-time delivery and reflex response to customer queries.

Harmony provides free consultancy to farmers recommending the right solutions for on-farm problems, studying them in association with experts & scientists from universities and research institutions. Harmony also undertakes development of custom made solutions for specific problems.

Apart from Corona-Care products and Pheromone Lures & Traps, Harmony Ecotech also produces Storage & Warehouse Pheromones, Plant Growth Promoters, Bio Fertilizers, Bio Pesticides, Beneficial Microbial Consortiums / Cocktails, Soil Repairing Nutrition Enhancers, etc. 

Added to this, Harmony is also an established supplier of gram-kilo-ton lots of Active Pheromone Ingredients manufactured by some of the most capable tech-science labs of India.

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