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Bio Fertilisers
This array of Bio Fertilizers is used to enhance fertility of soil. These improve water holding capacity and nutrients absorption rate of farm land. These fertilizers provide vitamins, nitrogen and proteins in soil.
Provided Bio Pesticides are known for their environment friendly content and standard shelf life. Approved by Central Insecticides Board, Govt of India, these pesticides contain plant extracts, natural compounds and microorganisms.
Sanitizer Dispenser
This array of Sanitizer Dispensers is offered in sensor and foot pedal based mechanism. These have battery backup facility for uninterrupted operation during phase failure. Non contact based operation and smooth functioning are their main aspects.
Insect Traps
Insect Traps are useful for capturing cotton ball worm, red palm weevil and other insects that hinder natural growth of plants. These traps use pheromone to trap and kill insects.
Plant Growth Promoters
This range of Plant Growth Promoters is used for improving crop productivity, for preventing premature drooping of fruits and shedding of flowers. Accurate composition and long storage life are their main features.
This array of Hand Sanitizers is known for its skin friendly content, nice smell and unique anti bacterial properties. These are reliable options to disinfect hands without using water. These have standard shelf life.

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