Insect Traps

This range of pheromone based Insect Traps can be availed in different sizes and mechanism based choices. Made of UV stabilized polymer, these traps can be used under various temperature conditions. These Insect Traps are useful for trapping rhino beetle, cotton ball worm, red palm weevil and so on. The insects are drawn by the pheromone of these traps. These contain a magnet which is located under the cap inside. There are precisely shaped holes through which insects enter and fall into the water stored inside these traps. Sometimes, food baits like jaggery or pesticide is combined with the water for killing of trapped insects. 
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Solar Light Trap

Price: 7000 INR/Piece

Solar Light Trap is a highly advanced technology which is especially designed for the farmers to protect the crops from various kinds of insects which also results in the cost reduction of the pesticides. It is fully automatic, cost effective and environment friendly. This pest trapping is highly beneficial at the time of night when insect attack is in its peak. The solar powered light module is mounted on a rigid metallic frame which is coated with a paint coating to prevent surface damages due to corrosion for longer service life.

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Fruit Fly Trap

Price: 42 INR/Box

The Fruit fly trap is a pheromone trap. It is a safe way to lessen the number of fruit flies. Its exclusive method attracts the male fruit flies into a trick where they are killed. In this way, we can say that this is a best way to trap the flies and worms. Utilization of Fruit fly trap is crucial in the gardens and lawns. This is an effective control measure, which finds efficiency and utility in assorted sectors.


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