Pheromone Lures

Pheromone Lures are suitable for mass trapping of cotton bollworms. These are suitable for crops like tomato, chickpea, cotton, maize, okra, chili, sunflower etc. Offered products are also used for crops like sweet corn, cabbage, groundnut, cauliflower, rice etc. These contain active ingredients like Z-9-Hexadecenal, Z-11-Hexadecenyl acetate, Zingiber officinalea, E-11-hexadecenol, E-11-hexadecenyl acetate and Z-11-Hexadecenal. Pheromone Lures have maximum 24 months of storage life if stored properly. Based on climactic conditions, their active life is maximum 45 to 90 days. These require 3 mg to 2000 mg dosage range. Standard of these products has been tested on the basis of their shelf life, composition and effectiveness. 

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